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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> are good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. straight up 6:00. a check of the weekend forecast and it could be a bet one. >> especially by the end of the weekend. rain moving into the bay area. temperatures in the 60s. jacket weather throughout the day today. you notice the numbers with the warmest places inland close to the mid- to upper 60s. i want to show you if the commute includes highway one. the same story across the bay bridge and oakland with scattered showers moving in. back to you. >> that could affect the morning commute. let's check in with mike. >> it affected the morning commute brent and laura. a live look at the bridge, a little of what we are talking about. sheen on the roadways and slicker conditions. flding reported around lucky drive on highway 101. a few lanes affected by standing water and keep that in mind anyway. a live look at oakland.
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if you saw the green blob traveling through on the 580 where there was a ladder reported in lanes achl smooth drive for 880, but volume picking up and you might see slowing drifting through the area. over to you. >> the next time giants fans cheer on their team, it will be in the world series or next year. >> the giants are heading to philadelphia hoping they don't lose out on a giant opportunity. today in the bay in san francisco where it is torture as usual. >> reporter: good morning. giants fans will have to do something that they really weren't counting on having to do. that is saying goodbye to the team and the players as they pack their bags and head back to philadelphia for game six tomorrow. since the giants could not pull off the win and clinch the championship here at at&t park. after the game, fans were silent.
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it was a walk of frustration out of the ballpark as they tried to stay upbeat. >> good not good going on the road to win one of two. >> fans we spoke with this morning are confident. they are upbeat. many are looking for world series ticks. if the giants do win in philly, game one of the series will be here on wednesday. we checked stub hub this morning. standing room tickets are $391. if you want to sit, bleacher seats are $525. am i reading this right? is it $92,000? >> for does say that indeed. >> we are taking a look at the game times, but that is correct. almost $92,000 in the oracle suite. >> i will trade in my house then. that's how much it's worth now
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anyway. >> laura was saying you just kind of move in. it's not just one game. you move in. >> squatters. >> appreciate t. we will have to wait to seat giants clinch the pennant, you won't have to wait long to see the banner flying high. our sister station said the flag will be hoisted over city hall today. it arrived via gavin newsom last night. he placed a friendly wager and the loser has to hoist the winner's banner over city hall. >> new this morning after a whirl wind trip to the bay area, the president is taking off again. they will lead sfo at 10:00 this morning. president obama spent the night in the city so be on the look out for the presidential motorcade between 9:00 and 10:00. the president is heading to los angeles to attend a fund-raiser at usc for barbara boxer and jerry brown. after that he will give a speech at the hallow campus.
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>> it is the home stretch in the race for the november elections and candidates are calling in the heavy weights to help them drum up support. former ebay ceo meg whitman upon visit jazzle for customized products. michael bloomberg will join her. whitman and bloomberg hold the first and second place records for personal campaign spending. the effects of a fire set at a sacramento mall could be felt into the new year. yesterday a placer county man locked himself into a store and set a fire in the roseville galleria mall. it destroyed an entire wing of the mall. storeowners said they might have to lay off the employees. roseville mayor pledges to get the mall working again and people back to their jobs as soon as possible. >> a san jose school is back open for class after hundreds of children had to be evacuated because of a gas leak thursday.
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a police officer reported smelling gas around 9:30 yesterday on willis avenue near bird. fire crews evacuated gardener academy as well as nearby homes after confirming that there was a leak below a sidewalk. pg&e crews started tearing up the street in order to fix the line. it was two inches and repaired by noon. the evacuations were simply precautionary and pg&e is investigating the cause. >> the number of people living with diabetes is expected to jump dramatically. a forum will focus on preventing and treating the disease. christie smith is live with a look at what's ahead. good morning, christie. >> good morning. there is good information here. this brings together doctors and state policy makers, trying to get people to maximize the resources that are already out there and already available to you. it's surprising. nearly six million people who have diabetes go undiagnosed
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each year and some apparently don't realize they have diabetes until they get one of the complications including heart disease, stroke, or blindness. it's a disease where blood glucose levels are above normal. this is put on by the california legislative black caucus at the naacp conference here in oakland today. it's aimed at communities of color. they are disproportionately affected by diabetes. the american diabetes association said one in four african-american women over 55 has diabetes and nearly 15% of african-american adults have it too. today this is wellness and good management and reducing your risk and connecting you to the resources. if you want information, it's at the marriott and starts at 10:00 this morning. live in oakland, today in the bay. >> always good to be informed. >> facebook and other social
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networks mean we know what our friends are doing. it does not mean we actually talk to them. >> isn't that strange? kirstin was in colorado on vacation. we went to the flea market and we know from facebook, but we don't talk to anybody. a new study said we don't communicate beyond lurking. a company that monitors facebook dita said we do this sort of thing at work. 96% of the company they surveyed allowed access to facebook at work and 88% of those employees read facebook and not much more. 6% use the exactive stuff like farmville while at work. entrepreneurs have another door to knock on for funding. announcing a quarter billion dollar investment fund. it will be called f fund. he made that announcement at the offices. mark zuckerberg predicts over years, virtually every industry
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will be reworked around social relationships. >> i have to tend to my farm. actually i don't do that one. city leaders will decide whether they want a high speed rail station in downtown. a city council committee shot down the idea saying that the project would not be a good fit. they also say a mid-peninsula bullet train stop doesn't make sense either. they are concerned about the increase in traffic in the area. the california high speed rail authority is occurring palo alto for a stop as well as redwood city and mountain view. >> i will check the morning commute and see how things are running. >> off the high speed rail and the story in palo alto. let's look at the 65 mile per hour and what you should be at 101a long the peninsula. you see 75 listed on the speeds amount of light volume. there might be slick conditions after showers in the last few minutes. 101 and 280 moving nicely, but
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you guys talked about the presidential motorcade that will hit the roads. watch for slowing around sfo. half moon bay and highway 92 will be crowded this weekend and next weekend. half moon bay is pumpkin central. a lot of folks getting hit by rain and fog. rain heading through that area along highway 1 up to montero. lower visibility and slick conditions. bay bridge starting to build the traffic there. a cash lane as is typical, carpool has a great advantage. no wait there. fast track is good and no metering lights. about 15 minutes and maybe 20. slicker conditions with lower speeds. that's what i'm advising. keep that in mind because the weekend is not looking good either. >> pretty soggy. >> i might have to redo wind shield wipers for the first big rain of the season. >> maybe chicken and dumplings. >> everybody go to your house. that sounds awesome.
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>> you want to plan ahead and maybe rent movies and stay indoors. this morning we have the lingering effects of the showers that went through overnight. isolated showers and mike pointed out in half moon bay, highway 1 seeing light to moderate rain advancing over the hills and into the inner bay. areas south of oakland approaching saint mary's, light rain from the west and into sunol. 680 out of sunol into fremont, a little bit of light rain. we are in a break in between systems clearly offshore. you can see all the clouds that will spill in late today into your saturday that will bring the second round of rain across the bay area. today's highs 60s for most of us. low 60s in san francisco. mid 60s in san jose and look at the weekend forecast. saturday moderate rain and the sunday system will be the biggest of the three that will bring wind and heavy rain and clearing out around this time monday morning of next week. back to you. >> 6:10 right now.
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mad as heck and we are not going to take it anymore. smash and grab robberies as the story you have to see. >> if you thought it was expensive for travel for the holidays last year, just wait. what's causing big price jumps this year. >> in the movies, the president is never far from the nuclear launch codes, but wait until you hear about a new revelation about how they were handled in the clinton years. it's next. a live look from the south bay this morning. again, the rain is going to be widespread and you will see it in the north spreading into the south. we will check your traffic and your weather all morning long. people! look at you!
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a live look outside. the pavement is wed across the golden gate bridge. we will check the forecast. >> after two years behind bars, a southern california businessman is become home. family and friends met 71-year-old at the airport last night with smiles and hugs. the orange county resident was accused of passing money inside iran and was never formally charged. >> they will get back to the united states. this is really my home now. >> his attorney negotiated his release. >> a story from the former chairman from the joint chiefs of staff. one of president clinton's aides launched codes in 2000 and couldn't find them for about two
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months. he said once a month, the defense department checks to make sure the president has the codes. twice they told the pentagon the president was in a meeting and claimed he had the codes. months later when it came time to change the codes as part of normal security, the aide admitted that neither he or the president had the codes. the general thinks that president clinton assumed the codes were safe with the aide and had anybody found the code, they would not have been able to launch weapons. protocols have changed because of the incident and the code card was never found. >> halloween still days away, but now is the time to actually get a jump on the holiday travel plans. airlines are tacking on more passenger fees without adding planes that. means prices are up 6% to 8% over last year and expected to double by the end of the year. buying now could pay off later. >> the airlines indicated they
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are not adding flights. the prices will be going up. >> be prepared for longer wait times. finding a new job might be as easy as getting behind the wheel according to a new report. business is up for trucking and railroads. union pacific said they moved about 14% more freight this year than last year. that means the company is set to hire about 1700 workers next year. business is boosting trucking industry too and many companies say they now have a lack of drivers. >> now that we see an increase in freight, these motor carriers are looking for drivers. >> analysts say the industry will need 200,000 more drivers by 2014. >> you can be big daddy. mac daddy. >> i could. >> that could be your handle. >> for this weekend, there is a fund-raiser in san jose. it has art that you can buy that
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is neither crazy nor wild. the artist actually. >> the artist is. san jose institute of contemporary art wanted steve martin to come to the fund-raiser. that's the saturday at 6:00. you can buy tickets. steve mart sin not coming. he did send this work he calls a snowball's chance in hell. on the left side, you can see it's an old chinese take out box. steve martin's signature on it. the key is, there is something inside. nobody knows what it is. they will cause of action it off and doors open at 6:00. auction at 7:00 and ticks are $50 in advance and $60 at the door. it's on south first straight in san jose. i was thinking it's kung pao chick chicken. >> it will be a jerky thing to do. >> the glasses maybe.
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>> we can go. >> here to wrap it up. lots of football on tap. number 12, stanford playing host to washington state and the game time is scheduled for 2:00. stanford should be well-rested because they had a bye week meaning they didn't play. they are looking to move up and it could be tops. oregon had a big win and they trounced ucla, wiping them out 60-13. i don't know if they will leapfrog in. cal hosted arizona state and the pac 10 becomes the pack 12 by the end of last year and the conference is getting a name and new logo change for july. the conference is splitting the teams into two divisions. cal and stanford will be paired up with the oregon schools and the washington school. they will make up the north division. the bay area teams will play usc and ucla every other year so they keep that rivalry going. the south division will be made up of the arizona schools and
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usc and ucla and the newcomers, utah and colorado. both the bay area's teams are on the road. the raiders are going to go to denver to take on the broncos. they have identical two and four records. the 49ers have a shot at a winning streak going on. they will be in charlotte to play the winless pair lynna panthers. that is an early one on the east coast. game time is 10:00 in the morning. >> deciding to take the fight against cancer into their own hands and setting an example for all of us. the cisco employee cancer support network was born. to tell us how it work, i am joined by lisa king. thanks for joining us. two-time breast cancer survivor. you are doing well. it reaches what? 65,000 employees? >> yes. it's a global network. we are a community of what we
6:20 am
call an employee resource group within the company. it's about valuing diversity and fostering diversity in the workplace and providing opportunities for employees for personal development and growth. the way the network works is our employees come online and they ask a question and our goal is to direct and get them access to other individual who is have the answers. and our information resources within and outside the company with the goal to give them as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision. we do this in a way. it's all confidential because cancer is a private topic for most people. >> of course. you work alongside the cancer society in providing the grit resources they have. >> yes. we work closely with the american cancer society. the partnership was right from the very beginning and we have partnerships at the local regional and national level.
6:21 am
>> how is the response from employees? >> there lots of employees. we not only have the employee base, but our leadership team across the nation and cisco's major hub. everyone is super enthusiastic and passionate about the cause and what we are trying to accomplish. we also have the sponsorship and the company you wouldn't normally have. >> do you think other companies can adopt a similar measure? >> i'm hoping so. >> a great example big or small. we have to fight it together. >> we have to fight it together and the fact that they have the community program is amazing. it allows me as a member of the network to bring myself to the company and pursue it in the four virtual walls. the rewards are priceless. >> thanks for sharing your story and continued good health to you. the american cancer tote works
6:22 am
alongside cisco, but they are there for the entire community. for more information, you can logon to or call their 800 number for any support you may need. 6:22. thank you for bringing our guests in here. will take you down to the south bay with an accident. capitol expressway to northbound 101. a hit-and-run reported. a motorcycle hit. a hit and walk because the motorcycle driver walked away from the accident. if you saw anything going on there, call chp and let them know. no lanes blocked, but activity for the time being. i will be in japan town on saturday. a significant building celebrating their 100th
6:23 am
anniversary. we are looking at a smooth drive on the golden gate bridge. i will be in the city saturday night for the anniversary as well. hundreds all over the place, but not as far as the speed goes. the back up is starting to form in the cash lanes, but no metering lights yet. we see about 6:35 and the volume is increasing. back to you with the bright lights. >> thanks a lot. jewelry store employees don't make it easy for a group of robbers. how this wrapped upcoming up next. . >> a live look outside. sharkies on the road and picked up the win, but looking at the south bay where we might see rain. we'll check the refo, .upgng [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. >> good friday morning and 6:25 with a live view of the bay bridge. a few showers roaming around the
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area. one here around half moon bay and approaching san mateo. rain coming in the next five to 10 minutes. heading out towards san ramon, one isolated shower. a brief break in between systems and more clouds spilling in and quite a bit of rain for the weekend, especially come sunday in the north bay. isolated morning showers and jacket weather and keep the umbrella on stand by. especially in the hilltops with a lingering shower or two. look at the sunday forecast. wind and heavy rain in the north bay with a break coming as we approach monday. back to you. >> an 11-year-old boy is accused of stealing two cars in a week. mrs. police dash cam video. the 11-year-old boy is behind the wheel of a truck. i'm looking to see the truck up ahead. he led him on a 45-minute chase on monday. it turns out the same kid stole
6:27 am
an suv later leading to another chase. the 11-year-old is in juvenile detention center as they try to figure out what to do next. >> six suspects rushed into a store as it was closing and started smashing the glass and trying to grab anything they could out of the cases. the employees figured out they only had hammers and no guns and started fighting back with chairs and anything dha could find. here's the chair t. looks like a jerry springer show. police are looking for six robbers and the three men are waiting outside in get away cars. >> bay area investigators are looking into a discovery stuffed inside jars at a cemetery. >> the jins and phillies will go out again tomorrow and why we still do not know when the gym is going to start. >> a startling prediction about diabetes in america. why the government thinks the
6:28 am
cases will skyrocket in the coming years. >> the approach to the toll plaza and a back up. we hope it's friday light. we will check in with mike and geyour traffic in a minute. [piis i l ]ng lost my front tooth the other day, which would be great... if i was seven. i'm forty-six. and the tooth fairy doesn't come when you're forty-six. just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that cost tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character...
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new this morning, new numbers about diabetes and who is at risk. we will be talking about that and a forum in oakland that could help keep you healthy. >> the giants will take on tomorrow, but when. this friday, october 21st today in the bay. i think that was right. it's the 22nd. >> it is friday. i know that. thanks for joining us. >> it's also 6:30 in the morning
6:31 am
and the commute will be slower this morning because of the rain out there. a soggy commute. we will talk to mike after we say good morning to rob who has a look at the forecast. >> we are seeing showers moving around the bay area that will show you the temperatures to know what to wear today. a jacket or sweatshirt weather just fine. as we pass lunchtime, more clouds fill in and that will block out the sun. cool today and highs in the 60s. in terms of the rain, 280 around san mateo on the east bay east of oakland. rain there along 580 this morning. mikeville more on that coming up. >> last report, i was wrong. as i tell my wife, i was wrong. look at the bay bridge. the metering lights were turned on after my last report. that's early for a friday. the back up is slow to build and holding stead we a pattern going back to the end of the parking lot. it's building with no patterns
6:32 am
out of the maze. the san mateo bridge moves over to the peninsula and all lanes filling in steadily. no problems, but yesterday this was plagued with accidents. so far, so clear over to 101. i know 101 and 280 will have warnings because of mr. president is watching the show this morning. i will let you handle the rest. good morning, mr. president. back to you. >> new this morning, you need to be on the look out for the presidential motorcade. air force one will leave at 10:00. he spent the night in san francisco and while the secret service doesn't give out his exact route, you can expect delays along the roads between the airport and downtown. after 9:00, the president is heading to los angeles to attend a fund-raiser at usc for barbara boxer and former governor jerry brown. he will give a speech at a rally on campus. while the president is flying to los angeles today, the giants will be headed to philly
6:33 am
to play a sixth game tomorrow. if the giants will win it, they have to do it on the road. if they are waking up disappointed, the final score was 4-2. tomorrow's game will be a rematch of game two. jonathan sanchez for the giants and roy oswald for the phillies. he did take the loss in game four as he came on in relief. the starting time is up in the air. if the yankees beat the rangers tonight, the giants will play before 1:00. if the rangers close out the series, the game will be played after 5:00 in the evening. >> millions of americans have bibeat ease and the number will increase dramatically in the next generation. a forum in the east bay will focus on keeping your family from becoming a part of the growing problem. christie smith is live in oakland. i understand minorities particularly are at risk. >> good morning to you. in many ways this forum later
6:34 am
today is aimed at communities of color and when you look at the hard numbers here, it's easy to see why. nearly 15% of african-american adults have diabetes when it comes to african-american women over 55, the number is one in four. dibeat seize a disease in which glucose levels are above normal. risk factors for type ii diabetes can include age, obesity, family history and your ethnicity. the forum is hosted by the california legislative black caucus as the state and naacp conference here in oakland today. lots of good information being shared from doctors and policy makers about health and wellness. also we talk a lot about cuts, but this is about connectioning you to state programs and resources that are already available. a lot of people have it and it goes undiagnosed. if you are interested in learning more, check it out at
6:35 am
10:00 this morning at the marriott hotel in downtown oakland. reporting live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> thank you, christie. >> two hearts, two jars and lots of unanswered questions. this morning, investigators are looking into a gruesome find at a local cemetery. a maintenance worker was working in an isolated part of the cemetery yesterday when he saw the tops of two jars stick out of the ground. he pulled one jar out of the ground and saw a human heart with a picture of a young man and a woman pinned in it. the second jar contained another human heart with the photo of a different couple. >> i don't know for what reason or what purpose, but it's really, really odd. kind of weird and creepy to me. >> very. the heart likely came from dead bodies because of embalming fluid found. it is a crime to dig up body
6:36 am
parts and illegal to buy and sell them. small furry creatures have overrun the south bay and the shelter is trying to do something about it. there so many chihuahuas, they will host an adopt-a-thon. they have 65 chihuahuas who are spayed and neutered and you can get for $25. there so many, lat year the two groups gotting to and flew some of them to new york for adoption. we could have a newsroom mascot. >> several them. it looks like alarm companies are making strides in making their products more annoying. we have gadget friday. >> we're have a live report from philadelphia coming up. >> mel gibson is denied a big roll in a big movie. who did not want him to get the job. >> isolated showers around the bay area with a lot of rain into
6:37 am
the weekend. we will walk you through the changes coming up next today in the bay.
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let's take a look at the radar. rain from the west heading towards foster city and off to the northeast at 15 miles per hour. walnut creek into danville. that will move out of the north and east. a break in between systems now. isolated showers between now and sunday evening. look at the rain total this is weekend. most of this coming down on sunday. heavy rain across the north bay. temperatures with a few showers out there and a cool day today. maybe a little bit of sun around lunchtime and the clouds will fill in. for the weekend, rain at times for saturday and windy and wet as we wrap up the weekend and clearing towards monday. back to you. >> thanks, rob. new this morning, lindsay lohan is back and n court and could be headed to jail. they are paying the trice price for admitting she broke the terms of her probation. she tweeted that she failed a drug test. she hopes to be allowed to stay in rehab, but some speculate the judge will send her back to jail
6:41 am
today and could spend as long as a year there. >> mel gibson's reputation cost him a job. the actor was set to make a cameo appearance in the sequel to the hangover, but now the movie's director said it's not happening. he said the cast and crew had concerns. gibson's reputation took a hit when audio tape surfaced of him threatening his ex-girlfriend. he was going to play a tattoo artist in the movie. the hangover 2 will be in theaters, minus gibson, in may. >> the giants fly back to philadelphia and we will check in with the phillies fans up next in a live report. >> good morning. tonight at 11:00, the staggering cost of prescription medication after all the other bills, expensive meds can put the budget in the med. going without is not the answer. it's not the only choice. there ways to save health
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with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions. >> welcome back and a good friday morning to you. a live look outside overlooking san jose, a fog start to the day and that is making a mess for the morning commute. want to check in with mike. >> slick roads definitely. that's one of the issues as you come on to the roadways. a disabled truck will be the dig problem for downtown oakland. just in the last minute and a half, word of a possibly five-car accident on the southbound side of 880 as you
6:45 am
come down towards oak street. both directions we will have activity there. the-car accident might be a big issue out of downtown. i will follow that carefully and give you an update on the reporter. a look at a live shot on the southbound side starting to pick up the volume. a being concern for any accidents in either direction. a smooth drive past the coliseum for the nimitz freeway. we will take you out to the maps. 580 as well as 880. a little slowing into the tunnel on the east show freeway with about a 19-minute drive. that's good news, about we have slowing through livermore. a different pattern and slow on the western side. as you come out of the pass, still a 17-minute drive. pleasant and dublin are slow. any rain going through the area? >> just to the north of the area, we will take you up to walnut creek and you will see a batch of showers heading across
6:46 am
680 and pleasant hill. san jose a few sprinkles and south of downtown. more rain there on the westside of the santa cruz mountains. the break in between systems we will see during the day today. cloudy skies filling into the afternoon, but for saturday, rain moving in from north to south. jumping into sunday, the rain will start to fly mid-afternoon sunday. heavy rain across the north bay. two to three inches we suspect by the end of the weekend. most will be packing winds. isolated showers and increasing clouds. the weekend we will see rain off and on at times. sunday we will see heavy rain and we clear approaching monday. >> thanks so much. >> you want to check in with scott. something semi annoying. >> we try to be useful. >> this thing called bouncy wake up. you try to go in and say --
6:47 am
>> you jump on the bed. >> give them five minutes and then the no seriously, get out of bed. then the bouncy wake up. this is bouncy wake up electronically. this is the alarm clock that works wirelessly with this puck that goes on your bed. >> i can make it go off? >> had i plugged it in. here's the deal. 5:00 comes around and what happens? this puck starts vibrating fairly violently. if you have got somebody in your family for whom they can sleep through an alarm, we all know somebody like this, a teenager, this will buzz at about 90 decibels. the puck will vibrate and vibrate and not stop until you turn it off and get out of bed. it's wireless. it recharges wirelessly or charges with a wire and works wirelessly in your bed and starts going like that. although our producer points out
6:48 am
it's tossable. >> that is true. you can roll over and it's breakable. >> an american-made company. >> i was talking about the snooz feature. >> there is a snooz button. on your bed stand and this is placed in your bed somewhere. surprise! >> really. >> dangerous. that's free. and a lot of fun. one out of three americans will have diabetes in the next generation. it's a startling revelation coming from the centers for disease control. and you your family don't have to be a part of that problem. do something about it today. there is a forum that will focus on preventing and treating the disease. christie smith is live with what is ahead. good morning, christie. >> good morning to you and happy friday. these numbers are really on the rise and quite startling when you take a close look. for instance, nearly 15% of
6:49 am
african-american adults already have diabetes. that according to the american diabetes association. i was checking out the website a couple of minutes ago. they are talking about good diabetes management and helping to reduce the risk. many people are not aware they have it until they get one of the complications including blindness, kidney disease or heard disease. dibeez seize a disease in which blood glucose is above normal. it brings together doctors and state policy makers. posted by california's legislative black caucus at the naacp convention or conference in oakland promoting wellness and the use of existing state programs. and the risk factors for diabetes is age, obesity and family history. you have to know you have it. statistics suggest that nearly six million people go undiagnosed every year. it's a good place to come down
6:50 am
and get information. if you are interested, it starts at 10:00 this morning here at the marriott in downtown oakland. today in the bay. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. not sure whether it's giants fever or they are watching so many runs, fans are feeling ill. >> the team is set to take off to philadelphia in just a few hours. we have the nbc station in philly. he brought his friends with him. now he brought 10. >> good morning, justin. >> i brought artillery. last week i couldn't hear you. i could hear you trashing my people. >> those are your people? who is going to win tomorrow? who is going to win on sunday?
6:51 am
what's going on? >> we are getting ready for another show. we are sort of segueing, but there is philly pride wherever you go. we are at the fire academy where they practice putting out fires and everybody has the rally and happen to have this gigantic jersey here. we are not messing around. >> the question is are you still trying to figure out what happened? >> that's not a question mark. >> all they have is a question mark? >> it's h 20, the phillies symbol and h 20 is the element. holiday, hamill and oswald. now that we're hitting. >> we give the ball and you have the umpires in your pocket. a questionable call last night. come on. don't make me come out there.
6:52 am
>> the only way we are down in this series is because we were beating ourselves and the umpires are playing. not because of your job. the best line was phillies. all cheese and no steak. >> i saw that too. is this a cheesy group? >> yes. >> it's all spirit. >> you know what, they got to come back here. they arrived early this morning and the giants and phillies are sleeping. we are ready for the game no matter what time it is. >> it could be afternoon or night. maybe that's what the question mark is all about. justin, thanks for playing along. >> it depends on -- >> the yankees. >> hopefully we can do this if we win. >> we dwoent have time to waste.
6:53 am
>> a lot of people are saying it is torture. just a few hours away from taking off in philadelphia and we will check in today with bob redell live in san francisco with a look at the torture that await this is weekend. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you. after hearing our friend in philly, we know our fans are not as delusional as he is. as frustrating as last night's loss, some fans we spoke to this morning are not letting that getting down. they are certainly not giving up hope on their team. >> i have been going to the giants games at candlestick park and my grandfather was a fan yesterday was the anniversary of his death. doing what he loved to do. >> you feel like he might have a bit of a guiding force? >> we will get it over there. >> this is a different team than
6:54 am
its every been. this group of guys wants it. they just mean to not let anybody stop them. i think they are going to do it. they are fighters and they are going to win. >> it's that kind of attitude that has fans looking for world series ticks and the giant dos win in philadelphia, game one of the series will be there on wednesday. we checked stub hub this morning. standing room tickets are just shy of $400. if you top the sit, bleacher seats are north of $500. the most expensive ticks are $92,000. i believe that gets awe a seat in the oracle suite. i hope that getz you the entire suite. $92,000. >> a pretty penny. i will come sit in yours. >> in the meantime, a reminder on the start times because the only thing we agree on is nobody know what is time the game is going to start. if the yankees beat the rangers,
6:55 am
the giants play before 1:00 in the afternoon. if the rangers close out the series there, then the game will be at 5:00 p.m. jonathan sanchez starts for the giants. roy oswald for the phillies. he did get stuck with the loss when he came in in relieve n game four. everybody is watching to see what will happen and hopefully the giants need one. let's get one. >> we are keeping our eye on the morning commute. >> we will update the accident. we told folks about the disabled big rig at the off-ramp. the accident that came in is on the southbound side at oak street. four or five cars and no big rigs as i understand are involved. you will use eastbound 580 through oakland as the alternate. we are seeing big back ups in the last 10 minutes since the accident happened. we are following a major slowing
6:56 am
in the coliseum. the rest of the bay area is looking wet. an easy drive and a note for folk this is weekend as you head over the hill, you have fog and rain in half moon bay and a lot of pumpkin patches and a great hoard of pumpkin patches and slow into the area. the fog and the rain could make it extra difficult. >> soggy. >> we're want to check in with rob. it's good to lose to philadelphia anyway because of the weather. >> the one good thing. the weather will be just fine. we go to the forecast, depending on the game time starting early, upper 60s and it starts later in the evening, we are looking at low 60s and no worries about rain. the opposite of what we will see here. around the bay area, spotty showers around 680 and on the westside of the mountains as we catch a break in between systems. the clouds to the west is your saturday storm system. sunday pretty soggy. good to be watching baseball
6:57 am
games or rent movies. >> probably the way to go. >> sounds good. thanks for joining us this morning. the "today" show is coming up next. >> stay dry and be careful on the roads. we will have a local news update in a half hour. have a great friday and a great weekend. we will see what happens with the giants. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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